The Still Life of a Burger

The Still Life of a Burger




I finally have a new key­board, in other words I have a func­tion­ing “a” and “s” key – I so very much missed using words like saus­ages, ass(es), smack, snake, and snail. Hav­ing to copy and paste “s’s” and “a’s” lost its charm rap­idly . I can now so eas­ily write scis­sors, sissy, and Smea­gol – what a delight. I no longer have to revert to using bizarre teen­age code-like l@ngu@ge; instead I can now (if I so wish to) talk like I have a stut­ter or a lisp.




Today’s post is sim­ilar to my last one. My boy­friend and I are on a no-carb diet which pretty much elim­in­ates a bunch of ingredi­ents I usu­ally cook with. At present I am liv­ing on salad and meat – I am so tired of eat­ing meat! All I want is white food: pasta, bread, rice, chips, crack­ers, pota­toes, flour (yip, I’ll even eat a spoon of flour that’s how des­per­ate I am). I shouldn’t com­plain, I did take Sat­urday and Sunday off as it was my boyfriend’s birth­day. We threw a party on the Sat­urday, and the Sunday was his actual birth­day. Only thing though, I drank too much and for­got to eat all the bread and pota­toes in the world (the wine how­ever was a treat). And on the Sunday, Clarke’s was closed (like all res­taur­ants in Cape Town) so I did not get the bur­ger that I was dream­ing of.



Since I am not in the mood to cook a great no-carb recipe (ie. I don’t feel like eat­ing no-carb-food — i’d rather starve), I have decided to post a few pic­tures I did earlier in the year. It’s not a recipe, rather a bit of fun and some­thing for me to post and I sup­pose drool over (it’s been 14 days since I have had a bur­ger).

Pancakes with Oomph

Ricotta Pan­cakes with Straw­berry Lemon Curd



If you’re think­ing that these ricotta pan­cakes will taste like cheese or have a crum­bling tex­ture, you’re wrong. If you’re think­ing that these pan­cakes will have more oomph, pizazz, zeal, or gusto (but still be light), you’re right. These pan­cakes neither taste like cheese, nor sink to your stom­ach like a lead ball, they, on the con­trary, are light, fluffy and truly deli­ciously, spec­tac­u­larly, won­der­fully satisfying.



There is no trace of an overtly cheese fla­vour, or any odd tex­ture. One would think that adding ricotta to a bat­ter would make it lumpy which would in turn make a lumpy pan­cake, and yes the bat­ter is lumpy (caus­ing a little anxi­ety before cook­ing), but once cooked these won­der­ful griddled pil­lows show no trace of a lumpy bat­ter. Instead, you’re left with a beau­ti­fully moist and fluffy, fat pancake.



On that note, they do, how­ever, resemble more of an Amer­ican ver­sion of a pan­cake – kinda like our crum­pets, fat, small-ish discs, so don’t pour in too much bat­ter when cook­ing or you will exper­i­ence dif­fi­culties in flip­ping – so don’t envi­sion a soph­ist­ic­ated crepe, think diner.