The Still Life of a Burger

The Still Life of a Burger




I finally have a new keyboard, in other words I have a functioning “a” and “s” key – I so very much missed using words like sausages, ass(es), smack, snake, and snail. Having to copy and paste “s’s” and “a’s” lost its charm rapidly . I can now so easily write scissors, sissy, and Smeagol – what a delight. I no longer have to revert to using bizarre teenage code-like l@ngu@ge; instead I can now (if I so wish to) talk like I have a stutter or a lisp.




Today’s post is similar to my last one. My boyfriend and I are on a no-carb diet which pretty much eliminates a bunch of ingredients I usually cook with. At present I am living on salad and meat – I am so tired of eating meat! All I want is white food: pasta, bread, rice, chips, crackers, potatoes, flour (yip, I’ll even eat a spoon of flour that’s how desperate I am). I shouldn’t complain, I did take Saturday and Sunday off as it was my boyfriend’s birthday. We threw a party on the Saturday, and the Sunday was his actual birthday. Only thing though, I drank too much and forgot to eat all the bread and potatoes in the world (the wine however was a treat). And on the Sunday, Clarke’s was closed (like all restaurants in Cape Town) so I did not get the burger that I was dreaming of.



Since I am not in the mood to cook a great no-carb recipe (ie. I don’t feel like eating no-carb-food — i’d rather starve), I have decided to post a few pictures I did earlier in the year. It’s not a recipe, rather a bit of fun and something for me to post and I suppose drool over (it’s been 14 days since I have had a burger).

Pancakes with Oomph

Ricotta Pancakes with Strawberry Lemon Curd



If you’re thinking that these ricotta pancakes will taste like cheese or have a crumbling texture, you’re wrong. If you’re thinking that these pancakes will have more oomph, pizazz, zeal, or gusto (but still be light), you’re right. These pancakes neither taste like cheese, nor sink to your stomach like a lead ball, they, on the contrary, are light, fluffy and truly deliciously, spectacularly, wonderfully satisfying.



There is no trace of an overtly cheese flavour, or any odd texture. One would think that adding ricotta to a batter would make it lumpy which would in turn make a lumpy pancake, and yes the batter is lumpy (causing a little anxiety before cooking), but once cooked these wonderful griddled pillows show no trace of a lumpy batter. Instead, you’re left with a beautifully moist and fluffy, fat pancake.



On that note, they do, however, resemble more of an American version of a pancake – kinda like our crumpets, fat, small-ish discs, so don’t pour in too much batter when cooking or you will experience difficulties in flipping – so don’t envision a sophisticated crepe, think diner.