Roast Tomato Goats Cheese Tart

Tomato Tart




This is a great dish if you love tomatoes and Provencal flavours. The combination of the sweet and tart tomatoes with the goats cheese, Dijon mustard and thyme is simply heavenly and certainly conjures up images of Southern France. Aside from tasting delicious, the tart is also rather pretty and reasonably cheap. Also, tomatoes are very good for ones skin, apparently they help protect the skin from the sun’s harmful rays, which in turn helps skin from aging – so eat up ‘em tomatoes.
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Apple Cinnamon Wreath

Cinnamon and Sugar Plaited Wreath



I simply love cinnamon and sugar and when I stumbled across this recipe I had to make it. Not only is it so pretty, but it tastes great – but I suppose anything that has butter, sugar and cinnamon as a main ingredient is destined to be delicious.



The original recipe doesn’t have apple in it, but I thought apple would make it even better – after all cinnamon and apples are perfect together. I used a Granny Smith apple grated, which gave the ‘wreath’ a nice tartness that contrasted well with the sweet and rich flavours from the sugar and butter.


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Citrus Poppy Seed Brioche Mini Buns

Citrus Poppy Seed Brioche Buns




I love brioche, especially toasted and enjoyed with a cup of good coffee. Making brioche buns, instead of a loaf, is great because you can freeze the buns you don’t eat. I love to eat these buns, toasted under the grill and drizzled with real maple syrup. They are also delicious served with homemade cherry jam (hence the cherries in the pics) – recipe to follow in my next post ;-)






If you have an electric cake mixer, these buns are really easy to make, however they are a little time-consuming. I have never made brioche without using a cake mixer attached with a dough hook, and I can only assume it would be quite difficult to achieve the same result by hand. When making these buns, you must add the butter slowly, one cube at a time, and make sure that each cube is incorporated before you add the next. This is a bit of an annoyance, but if you want to make brioche this is the technique – after all it is a butter and egg enriched bread and it’s all that butter that makes this bread so delicious. And like most breads, it has to prove twice (again a bit of a poke) – so clear 2 hours of your life to make these little buns of heaven.
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Winter Delights and a Touch of Blue

Hearty Beef and Pearl Barley Stew with Spinach and Baby onions



What I love about this dish is that it’s both stew and soup combined. I think Rachel Ray coined this ‘culinary phenomenon ‘as a “Stoup”. I love stew and I love soup so the idea of them being combined is fantastic (to say the least). The stew side is the beef chunks and baby onions while the soup side of it is the barely and I suppose the spinach too. The barley bulks the stew up and, obviously, is the starch element to the dish – so there is no need to make rice or mash potatoes or any other side of starch, everything you’ll need is in the Stoup. Although I do suggest you have it with some crusty bread, after all it is kinda a soup.



This is a great dish to make for winter, it’s warm, filling, healthy and above all requires only one pot, yip it’s a ‘one pot wonder’.


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An Occasion for Chocolate Macaroons

Kyly and Jay get Hitched



I suppose it’s only natural, with two elder sisters ‘ being only 11 and half months apart in age that their weddings fell only a few months apart. However, my grandfather thinks weddings/engagements have become infectious in our family and gives me 5 months till I’m hitched! I beg to differ, plus, being the (healthy) free spirit that I am, I am immune to the romantic-wedding-bug that seems to be lingering around our house. My grandfather will just have to wait, besides I have other sisters that are welcome to get married, although they are a bit young so I hope they too are not acceptable to any romantic bugs .



Any who,back to the weddings. Both Carina’s and Kyly’s weddings were fabulous, and as much in personality and taste do they differ (despite their proximity in age) as too did their weddings. Carina’s wedding was… well, very Carina and Kyly’s was… well, very Kyly. Carina’s was very traditional and so quite formal (see four posts down for pics); and Kyly’s was anything but traditional and so completely informal. In true Kyly style she opted for a less traditional wedding garb: a short wedding dress, lace gloves, a petite veil and to finish the look, a pair of Ox-blood Doc’s – and did she not look cute? Her, now, husband Jay too expressed his idiosyncrasies through his shoes as he wore Skate shoes. The two of them are such an adorably original couple!


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