Duck, Chilli, Ginger Noodle Broth

Duck, Chilli, Ginger Noodle Broth



Not only is this a very pretty dish to eat; it’s also won­der­fully sat­is­fy­ing. The broth and duck is packed with fla­vour, while the veget­ables add a great crunchy tex­ture. Also, it is extremely ver­sat­ile: you can swap the duck for any type of meat and you can decide what veget­ables you would like to add into the broth.  Plus, leave out the noodles to make it a carb-free meal.  



The broth was inspired by a Tom Yum Soup as I love the com­bin­a­tion of the sour, salty ans spicy bal­anced with a little sweetness.



I also use one of Heston Blumenthal’s method of puri­fy­ing stocks. In this recipe I use his ‘egg white’ method where a ‘raft’ is formed that ccol­lectthe impur­it­ies. Here you take a few beaten egg whites, add it to your stock/broth and as it heats, the egg whites coagu­late and as the ‘raft’ forms it col­lects the impur­it­ies with it. Once strained, you are left with a beau­ti­fully clear stock or broth. 

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Black Salmon Burger

Squid Ink Sal­mon Burger




When I was in Lis­bon this year I tasted the most amaz­ing thing: a squid ink sal­mon bur­ger. Not only did it look freakin’ cool it tasted even bet­ter. The squid ink is subtle, yet com­pletely notice­able and integ­ral. The fla­vour, which I can only describe as being “the sea’ or hav­ing a ‘seaness’ trans­forms a simple sal­mon bur­ger into a fant­ast­ical delight – there really is some­thing quite fun in eat­ing a black burger.



The squid ink com­pli­ments the sal­mon per­fectly; and the won­der­ful pink of the sal­mon con­trasts beau­ti­fully with the black of the ink. It is a great show-stopper at any din­ner party and will def­in­itely amuse more than just the taste buds.

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Cucumber-Infused Gin and Grapefruit, Black Pepper Fizz

Cucumber-Infused Gin and Grapefruit, Black Pep­per Fizz




I simply love the com­bin­a­tion of cucum­ber and Gin, espe­cially when it’s Hendrick’s Gin, and I often have my G&Ts with a little cracked black pep­per – it adds a won­der­ful warm note that con­trasts per­fectly with the refresh­ing cucum­ber and herbal Gin accents.



So I decided to sim­plify mat­ters and make a cucumber-infused Gin and a pepper-infused sugar syrup, that way I get a more intense fal­vour of cucum­ber and a spi­cier fin­ish from the pepper.


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Baked Cheesecake with White Chocolate and a Cherry Topping

Baked Cheese­cake with White Chocol­ate and a Cherry Topping




This cheese­cake is great to serve at the end of a din­ner party as it looks impress­ive and taste amaz­ing. The com­bin­a­tion of cher­ries and white chocol­ate always works well together and makes this cheese­cake a little more spe­cial. How­ever, I made this cheese­cake when cher­ries were in sea­son and only got a chance to post the pics now. So if you have a prob­lem get­ting g hold of some cher­ries, use another berry for the top­ping – straw­ber­ries or black ber­ries will work a treat too! And, look just as fab!



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Who knew Beets could taste this good

Beet­root and Orange Ice-cream



After hav­ing leftover beet­root puree from mak­ing pasta and won­der­ing what to do with it, I stumbled across this ice-cream recipe on the Saveur web­site. It’s a Jeni Brit­ton Bauer recipe and it is abso­lutely to die for. I have slightly adap­ted the recipe to suit my own taste and what I think works bet­ter based on pre­vi­ously making. 



The great, or rather inter­est­ing, aspect to this ice-cream and what makes it dif­fer from oth­ers, is that it does not use eggs. Her basic ice-cream base is one that uses full-cream cream cheese or mas­capone which has a high fat con­tent and gluc­ose syrup which is often used in foods to soften tex­ture, add volume, and to help pre­vent crys­tal­lisa­tion of sugars.



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