For as long as I can remem­ber I have loved food, spe­cific­ally good food. My mother recalls how as a baby I never fin­ished one bottle of milk and was only ever able to drink a quarter of the bottle (I think most people can agree a bottle of milk is not the most appet­iz­ing thing). When I grew older I was often found dec­or­at­ing my plate with slices of toma­toes, herbs and ground black pep­per before I would eat it. In the sand­pit castles, moats and tun­nels did not spark an interests; rather cakes, bis­cuits and cup­cakes were my pre­ferred inspir­a­tion in sand-sculpting. Thus my pas­sion, love and fussy-food-fetish began before I even knew what won­der­ful food awaited me.

After school I went to Lon­don for two years with the aspir­a­tion of becom­ing a star in their local soapie, East­enders. When that did not pan out (to be fair I didn’t try very hard), I found a job in a res­taur­ant as a wait­ress. It was a won­der­ful res­taur­ant where the menu change daily and the owner and chefs con­stantly enter­tained me with their know­ledge and tales of food. When I was not busy I would help the kit­chen porter gut and scale fish – it was always such a treat when the fishmonger’s van pulled up and I got to go and have a look at all the remark­able fish.Later in the year I was asked to be a chef in the res­taur­ant. I learnt many culin­ary skills and began to really under­stand what food would later mean to me: food is more than simply a susten­ance it is love, fam­ily, pride and a won­der­fully uni­fy­ing ele­ment – every fam­ily cel­eb­ra­tion is revolved around food.

I loved my job and found it extremely ful­filling. After my two years my mother decided that I should get a degree. So off I was to UCT. To which I obtained a BA Hon­ours in Film,  major­ing in Eng­lish Lit­er­at­ure, Film and Print Production.


My blog is a show­case of my adven­tures with food where it takes me and what I learn. I will share my exper­i­ences, love and joy around food and hope it inspires you to cook and love food as much as me –I hope you will learn from my blog.

Enjoy cre­at­ing the food your­self, please come back reg­u­larly and hungry. My goal is to even­tu­ally be work­ing as a full time food pho­to­grapher, writer and stylist.


If you would like to use one of my pho­to­graphs for com­mer­cial pur­poses please con­tact me, I have high res ver­sions.  The pho­tos and text on food-monger.com are Copy­right Kristy Snell.