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French Toast with Grilled Peaches and Thyme:



I am not a huge fan of eggs, (ok, so that’s a big under­state­ment); I hate them. Before any egg-lovers begin to judge me (and I know there is a huge amount of you out there), I have des­per­ately tried to like them. I have tried Quiche, omelets, and frit­atas but to no avail – some­how the egg gets in the way. I find I have the same prob­lem when it comes to scrambled, boiled, and fried eggs – the egg gets in the way.


Alas, there is hope for me. I have man­aged to eat French Toast and like it too. Look, it does have to be very lightly dipped into the egg mix­ture and, once cooked, slathered in syrup, sugar, cin­na­mon, cream — any­thing to help the egg from get­ting in the way. At this moment, I should show a bit of grat­i­fic­a­tion for my pen­chant towards French Toast to Sam of Drizzle and Dip ( . She is the one that got me lik­ing French Toast. Sam makes a won­der­ful French Toast of car­a­mel­ised pears, Gor­gonzola and wal­nuts. It’s abso­lutely deli­cious, so much so it got an egg-hater like me to like French Toast.




French Toast With Grilled Peaches and Thyme


French Toast:

1 day-old loaf of Bread, sliced

1–2 eggs (depend­ing on how eggy you like it)

¼ cup of milk

Few sprigs of thyme

But­ter for frying


Grilled Peaches:

4 Cling peaches, halved

1tbsp maple syrup


To serve:

Cream and icing sugar


Before fry­ing the French Toast, grill your peaches. Dip them in the maple syrup and grill till tender – try to grill them on a low heat to ensure even cook­ing and to pre­vent them from burn­ing. Should you wish to fry them (which is also deli­cious) , cut the peaches into slices, pour over the syrup and fry in but­ter. This will make them delight­fully sweet and buttery.


Now make your French Toast:

Whisk the eggs with the milk till com­bined well and add some picked thyme. Dip the slices of bread into the egg mix­ture and fry in but­ter till golden on each side.


To serve:


Place grilled peaches on top of French Toasts and drizzle over cream and dust with icing sugar – you could at this point also drizzle with some more maple syrup.


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